The USCCA’s conceal course has been accepted in 36 STATES for meeting their legal requirements for a permit and reciprocity:

Alabama, Alaska, California, Connecticut (instructor submitted), Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky**(instructor submitted see note below)**, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana,    New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, West Virginia, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Washington.

The USCCA courses that you will be to offer your students are so excellent that even non-friendly gun states have approved them.

Your students deserve these essentials.
No more jumping through hoops to teach a self-defense handgun class.

The United States Conceal Carry Association understands that emergency self-defense situations will arise despite the fact that your students have not signed up to take "advance" firearms training classes.

Do your students really need to take two or three courses, first, before they can take a defensive handgun class?  

The USCCA believes that the first firearm training course can and should include defensive shooting fundamentals such as:

Defensive shooting versus marksmanship

Shooting stances

Drawing from a holster

Unsighted fire, point shooting

Flash sight picture

Grip and Trigger control under adrenaline stimulus

Also, just as important, is to discuss violent encounters and their aftermath:

Understanding fight or flight 

Effects of adrenaline on the body during a crises

Recognizing and avoiding a threat

The immediate aftermath

Phone calls to make 

When the police arrive and what statements to make

Your students deserve a firearms safety class that can also teach to protect and defend and to become responsibly armed citizens.

Be an instructor that gives people state-of-the-art modern firearms training that makes a real difference.  Become the instructor you've always wanted to be.



The USCCA Instructor Certification course is approximately one day online and Two days in the classroom and includes hands-on breakout sessions and a live-fire exercise. Ownership of the Instructor Toolkit is required.

Michael Martin, Chief Instructor and author of Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals, leads the online e-learning course which is approximately 5 hours.  

We teach the student materials provided in the Instructor Toolkit, identify important elements within the USCCA curriculum and present tips to maximize the use of multimedia materials. You will learn common instructor mistakes and how to avoid them, and how to use PowerPoint to integrate the USCCA curriculum into your lessons. The course will also touch upon proper business and financial management.

USCCA Certified Instructor Credentials ($300 Value)

Expand your professional network.

Compliment your existing credentials and enhance your resume with USCCA certification.

Marketing Tips ($100 Value)

Access marketing materials including scripts and templates for Google Adwords, Bing/Yahoo, and Facebook ads, newspaper ads, and radio ads.

Quality Teaching Materials And Strategies ($100 Value)

Learn how to use PowerPoint and integrate our curriculum into your lessons.

Leverage our text book, Concealed Carry and Home Defense

Fundamentals, to increase student engagement and retention.

Enhance your teaching techniques through hands-on breakout sessions and feedback from a USCCA Training Counselor and peer evaluation.

Referral Commission (Unlimited Potential)

Earn 15 percent on every referral that results in a Concealed Carry Magazine subscription or USCCA Membership activation.

USCCA Instructor Portal ($1,000 Value)

Access and download updated teaching resources including:

Updated PowerPoint and Support Videos

State Supplements

Student Quiz and Instructor Answer Key

Student Registration/Liability Waiver Form

Course Completion Certificate Template

USCCA Instructor Logo

Purchase textbooks at a special USCCA Certified Instructor rate.

List your training classes in our searchable database.

 That’s a value of over $1500!


The USCCA Instructor Certification Course is $597*.  This is set by the USCCA and is not discountable.

*This price includes tool kit. E-learning and classroom


US Concealed Carry Association
Instructor Certification Course

Upon Completion you will be able to teach with confidence:

Home Defense

Basic Handgun Defense

Concealed Carry Course / Permit to Carry

Firearms Training